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The towering peaks of Mountain Pirin reach as high as 2.900 m.

The skiing area is at an altitude of 2000- 2600 m.

The magnificent Pirin Mountain boasts pristine snow-capped peaks and alpine weather conditions.

The two main ski pistes are: Chalin Valog (1100- 1600m) and Shiligarnika (1700- 2500 m).

The ski center features a total of 70 klms of ski tracks and also provides off-track skiing, snowboarding, ski-doo and more.

The highest ski tracks of Shiligarnika provide events and competitions all skiers and snowboarders can join.

The longest ski track is 16 km.

There are also 7 kms of lighted ski tracks, with some of the pistes offering ideal conditions for night skiing, until late in the evening.

Slalom and grand slalom are also available, with a cross-country track of about 5 km and a ski run (Rollbahn) just 2 km out of town.
The Ski Center is located just 10 km from the town of Bansko.

The town is located at an altitude of 925m and the ski center at 2000-2600m.

The Bansko Ski Center is open from December to the end of April.
The Gondola air lift (8 seat cabins) features also one 6-seat lift, 6 4-seat lifts, 4 drags and 10 baby drags.

The Bansko ski center’s lift equipment extends to a total length of 26 km.

The route from the town to the ski center is serviced by the Gondola lift and is an approximately 25 minute scenic ride.
All the ski tracks are covered by snow cannons that ensure excellent quality snow cover from December until April.