Every Weekend Beauty Experts Meet at PREMIER!

Being a woman is a 24/7 job meaning we have to conquer everything comes in our way on a daily basis. Therefore, when we go on holidays we are looking forward to relaxation and to being totally pampered! If you are a woman looking for beauty retreats, there is no better place to be than Premier Luxury Mountain Resort. The place where beauty meets you and your holidays!
Every weekend you will have the chance to meet the leaders of the cosmetic industry: Clinique, Estée Lauder and MAC. Get ready to participate every weekend in a 2-hours seminar and learn all about your own beauty!
Knowing what a powerful impact make-up can bring into a woman’s life, this is surely a chance that shouldn’t be missed. You will be offered make-up lessons that will help you enhance your natural beauty, you will explore the latest makeup trends given to you by our beauty specialists, you will receive experts’ advice on skincare products and skincare routine, always according to your skin’s personal needs.
Our beauty professionals will be there for you ready to answer any beauty related question you may have.
At the end of each seminar, your beauty routine will be neither ordinary, nor boring. Instead, you will be able to express your real beauty in the most creative way.

Beauty Program:

CLINIQUE Beauty School:
- 7-8/07/2018
- 14-15/07/2018

MAC Beauty school:

- 23-24/06/2018
- 21-22/07/2018

Estée Lauder Beauty School:

- 30/06-01/07/2018
- 28/07-29/07/2018