Hiking Paths just outside PREMIER!

If you ask a Bulgarian hiker “Which is your favourite mountain?” the answer will definitely be “Pirin Mountain!”. Why is that? Pirin Mountain In Bansko Bulgaria attracts every outdoor and adventure lover, featuring an image of a real alpine-like mountain, paradise for those who like exploring the mountains, surrounded by breathtaking views and stunning landscapes. The name of Pirin originates from the name of Perun, who was the main god of the Slavic pantheon – the god of the thunder and lightning.

PREMIER Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko loves hiking and has created for its guests 3 special hiking paths, which begin just outside the hotel. Wake up to a sunny, serene summer morning, eat a good healthy breakfast, put on your trekking shoes and get ready for a hiking day with your family and friends! Make sure you take your camera with you, as you will definitely meet many instagram-worth settings.

Hikers come across with cute wooden bridges, numerous trees and sparkling rivers. Choose the yellow (1,100 m), the green (1.380 m) or the purple path (3,130 m) and dive into the endless green. If summer in Bansko had a colour, it would be definitely green and if it had a smell, it would be the fresh smell of the forest and the numerous rare plants. Discover the forests, explore the region and end up having pic-nic in the most majestic scenery. Your kids will love it!

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